RO Innovation is proud to partner with Influitive, the advocate marketing software that makes it easy for B2B marketers to recruit, mobilize and recognize their advocates. Mark Organ, Influitive CEO, was recently featured in an article in the Chicago Tribute, and we invite you to review his thoughts:
Advocates can play a role in bolstering growth and profitability, said Mark Organ, founder and CEO of Influitive, one of two event sponsors. Once a company acquires customers, it should keep them engaged, find a way to make money from them and then figure out how to use them to enlist more customers, he said.

Lisa Hoesel
Lisa Hoesel is the Director of Customer Conversation at RO Innovation. As one of RO’s original employees, and with decades of experience in the customer marketing space, Hoesel has honed her skills and expertise as a customer advocate practitioner in a variety of different verticals. She is a thought leader in all aspects of customer conversations and diligently strives to instill the best face-to-face customer interactions in a digital dialogue.