Below is a brief list of the most popular questions we receive about the|ReferenceView integration process. For a more robust list of FAQ’s, or to ask a question not listed below, please contact us.

Download the AppExchange PDF “ReferenceView Customization & Enhancement Guide”

How is ReferenceView integrated with
ReferenceView maintains its own data stores, and pulls data from on a periodic basis.  As certain information within ReferenceView changes, it is written back to

What fields are integrated between ReferenceVeiw and
We always integrate basic demographic information from the Account and Contact objects, as well as high level information from Opportunities.  However, our system is highly configurable, and we can integrate any fields in the Account, Opportunity and Contact objects, as well as any fields contained in objects subordinate to those three top-level objects, such as Pricebooks and Product2.  We integrate with custom objects and custom fields as well.  Integrated fields are not only visible within ReferenceView, but, when so desired, can be searched on within ReferenceView as well.

What information is written back to ReferenceView from
In standard implementations, we write back information about requests and nominations, and show the status of each as they progress through ReferenceView.  With customization, we can also write back to other objects within

What is the install/integration process like?
Usually, we work with one of your SF administrators to install ReferenceView from the AppExchange into your sandbox.  You provide us with a login which will allow us to test everything to ensure that all links are working correctly.  We then work with your stakeholders to define what information needs to be available within ReferenceView, and configure ReferenceView accordingly.  Once everybody has determined that the configuration is correct, we install ReferenceView to the live org.

Does ReferenceView run within the browser window?
ReferenceView can be configured to run within the window or in its own browser window. The customer is free to choose which configuration is best suited to their organization.

Are users required to log into ReferenceView?
No, users are automatically logged into ReferenceView when they click on one of the ReferenceView links within

Can you limit functionality in ReferenceView based on a user profile?
Yes, we can define the role for a specific user within ReferenceView based on their profile credentials and limit the accounts, contacts and opportunities based on their user rights.