Sales and marketing alignment is a major problem plaguing many companies today.

In fact:Sales & Marketing Alignment White Paper

  • Only 1 in 10 companies say they have tight alignment between marketing and sales
  • 73% of marketers report they don’t believe their materials are used by the sales team
  • 47% of Sales reps make their own marketing materials to send to prospects

To be truly effective at sales and marketing alignment, initiatives must be focused around the customer’s buying decision process and NOT a company’s internal sales and marketing processes.

This white paper covers:

  • Strategies for getting both sales & marketing departments to focus on developing a common shared understanding of WHO their most valued customers and prospects are and – perhaps more importantly – the HOW and WHY behind their motivations to buy
  • 3 tactical steps for getting sales and marketing to get on the same page regarding content sent during the customer buying cycle
  • How technology & metrics reveal the most valuable assets consumed by buyers during sales cycles to support more intelligent marketing spend

Find out why the secret to “bridging the gap” and solving the sales and marketing alignment problem centers around an understanding of your customer and the ways sales enablement technology can help your organization on the road to successful alignment. Download this white paper now!

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