Increasing sales. It’s perhaps one of the most important activities in any business. Regardless if your pipeline is gushing with closed deals, or it’s more like a small trickle, ensuring your company’s sales pipeline and sales strategies are positioned for future growth is essential.

Easier said than done?

There are a finite number of sales days and selling hours per year available to impact business revenue. The highest value thing a salesperson can do during those fixed selling hours is spend time speaking one-on-one with buyers. However, that’s not happening. In fact, sales reps are spending less time than ever in direct conversations with buyers! Research from CSO Insights shows over the past fifteen years, the amount of time sales reps spend selling one-on-one with prospects has eroded from 47% to 34.7% (Source: CSO Insights 2013 Sales Performance Benchmark Report).

So what are they busing doing with all their time? Searching for the right collateral to send to prospects. Searching for customer-related information. Creating presentations, drafting emails to prospects, order entry, going to training meetings, fumbling back and forth between lots of tools. In short, they’re spending 50-75% of their time on non-selling activities (Source: Forrester. February 2013 “Understanding The Reality Of Your Sales Force“); pre- and post-sales activities that could be done better by automated systems and improved processes (Source: CMO Council Study, 2004).

Sales reps need more time to do what they do best: SELL!

The analysis in CSO Insights 2013 Sales Performance Optimization survey report supports the conventional wisdom that more time spent selling to customers does in fact translate into more revenues per rep, and begs the question: so how do we help reps get more time to sell?

Learn how in the infographic below:


Nichole Auston
Customer Marketing Director at RO Innovation
Nichole Auston is the Customer Marketing Director at RO Innovation. With a background in digital marketing and nearly a decade of experience managing marketing programs for a variety of SaaS companies, she’s passionate about sharing insights, best practices and stories about sales enablement and customer reference management, and the people and technology that power it.