Eligibility and Judging Criteria for the 2018 RO Sherpa Awards


To be eligible for any RO Sherpa Award, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Must be a RO Innovation Customer with a live solution
  • Must have a compelling Customer Marketing transformation story
  • Must agree to the use of company name and logo at the RO Elevate event and in RO Innovation social and digital channels
  • Must agree to a written case study and/or a customer video success story
  • Must send a representative to attend RO Elevate Customer Summit 2018
  • Must agree to be mentioned in a press release announcing the winners

Judging Criteria

Help convince us that your organization is the right winner. Consider the following metrics that will appropriately highlight your customer experience story. Each category has associated criteria for judging.

Outstanding Executive Leadership

Nominees for this award must demonstrate the ability to:

  • Actively support customer reference programs
  • Create a vision that inspires cooperation and success
  • Establish a positive image of customer advocacy programs which has lead to higher levels of adoption and success
  • Increase the stature and/or impact of the voice of the customer within the organization
  • Encourage innovation and advancement among employees

Exceptional Customer Advocacy Alignment

Nominees for this award must demonstrate:

  • Real examples of activating the VoC in multiple ways throughout the buyer’s journey
  • Creative use of case studies, testimonials and reference usage to drive business impact
  • Metrics proving VoC influence on sales revenue and/or pipeline impact

Innovative Feature Use

Nominees for this award must demonstrate:

  • The background story behind the feature or unique idea RO implemented in the platform
  • Why this feature has made such a difference at your company
  • Before and after metrics of the impact the feature made with your team/organization

Most Valued Program

Nominees for this award must demonstrate:

  • A high program adoption rate amongst sales, marketing and key internal stakeholders at your company
  • Metrics that prove program impact within your team (ex: faster request fulfillment, increased usage, faster sales cycles, etc.)
  • Branding, promotion or adoption strategy that drove results
  • Minimum of 1 executive and 2 stakeholder testimonials supporting your program’s popularity and value

Best Customer Program Tech Stack

Nominees for this award must demonstrate:

  • A strategic tech stack with 3+ platforms, including RO Innovation, that has brought their program’s success to new levels
  • Key technology integration points that encourage collaboration, cooperation and increased effectiveness between platforms, programs, departments, task execution, etc.
  • Metrics, results and proof points that demonstrate the success of this strategic tech stack

Best Advocate Engagement Strategy

Nominees for this award must demonstrate:

  • The applicable goals, strategy, tactics and execution that led to program growth
  • Metrics that exhibit the increase in reference nominations, active references in the database, additional content, etc.
  • Specific RO features that helped you achieve your results

Most Improved Program

Nominees for this award must demonstrate:

  • The goal(s) they set out to achieve (ex: # new contacts, % increase in user adoption, etc.)
  • Metrics that demonstrate the difference and improvement from the original starting point to where it’s at now
  • Explain the story and strategies that helped you towards the goal(s)

The Rising Star

Nominees for this award must demonstrate:

  • A customer marketing professional who has less than 10 years of overall work experience in the customer marketing and reference management profession OR who is 35 years old or younger
  • Has proved major contributions to the profession and their organization
  • Has promise of leadership in the future
  • Has 1-2 executive testimonials supporting the individual’s contribution to the firm

Top Game Changer

Nominees for this award must demonstrate:

  • A new strategy or tactic that was implemented for the first time within the past 12 months
  • Metrics and examples that exhibit the positive results for the customer marketing program
  • 1-2 testimonial quotes from customers, executives or employees that showcase the impact the change made for them