Congratulations to the 2017 RO Sherpa Award Winners!

The RO Sherpa Awards recognize the leaders in the customer marketing space; the guides, the heroes that do incredible things in their companies but do not always get the recognition they deserve. These awards are a way to elevate the thought leadership, advocacy, great ideas and remarkable customer reference program best practices in the marketplace.

These 6 B2B companies with best-in-class customer advocacy programs are leading the way in sales, marketing and customer success in the new B2B buying reality. Winners of these awards demonstrate marketing excellence, business impact and strategic value via the execution of the customer advocacy programs at their companies.

For more details about this program and the winners, please read the press release here.

Best-In-Class Customer Advocacy Program

RO Sherpa Awards Best In Class Customer Advocacy Program

In recognition of the best overall customer advocacy program strategy, tactics and results as determined by the customer advocacy and engagement experts at SiriusDecisions, the leading global business-to-business research and advisory firm.

WINNER: Apttus

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RO Sherpa Award Outstanding Executive Leadership

Outstanding Executive Leadership

In recognition of an executive stakeholder team (or individual) for their efforts in supporting and promoting the value of customer reference programs through their vision and leadership.


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RO Sherpa Award Exceptional Customer Advocacy Alignment

Exceptional Customer Advocacy Alignment

In recognition of a progressive B2B organization that is proving the value and impact of using customer advocacy end-to-end in the customer lifecycle to create brand authenticity, customer loyalty and new business through the help of content, referrals and social validation.

WINNER: Apttus

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RO Sherpa Award Most Valued Program

Most Valued Program

In recognition of an organization with a program that is highly adopted, appreciated and well-loved by internal stakeholders.

WINNER: Ceridian

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RO Sherpa Award Most Improved Program

Most Improved Program

In recognition of an organization that set a specific goal in the past, and has made major strides in accomplishing it.

WINNER: Microsoft

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RO Sherpa Award Innovative Feature Use

Innovative Feature Use

In recognition of a RO Innovation customer who’s idea for improving our platform was actually brought to market or was implemented at their organization in a unique way.

WINNER: Symantec

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RO Sherpa Award Best Advocate Engagement Strategy

Best Advocate Engagement Strategy

In recognition of a program that had an outstanding strategy for recruiting a large volume of new references and/or great execution on a strategy that engaged reference contacts or internal program users to participate in additional activities in their program.

WINNER: JDA Software

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RO Sherpa Award Best Customer Program Technology Stack

Best Customer Program Technology Stack

In recognition of an organization that has achieved an outstanding way to integrate the Voice of the Customer throughout the daily lives of their employees via technology integrations.

WINNER: Ceridian

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