“One of the best aspects of the RO Innovation technology is it eliminates confusion of where to find customer-facing content (like case studies, video testimonials, sales sheets, presentations, etc). It’s all in one place for our sales reps. Our salespeople select the items they want to share with their prospect. The system has reporting in place so as the prospect reviews the material, the sales rep is sent an alert an notified.”

Don Bambrick

Director of Product Marketing, Comcast Business

Deliver the Right Content at the Right Time

RO Content Enablement™ is a central hub to send and store all your business content – from product videos to eBooks to sales playbooks and more.

  • Puts the right content at your team’s fingertips when they need it
  • Agnostic to content storage systems and marketing platforms, so it can pull content from wherever it lives to one central place
  • Send content to prospects via tailored microsites
  • Track data and intelligence on prospect engagement with sent materials for more intelligent, timely follow up
  • Reduces wasted time and effort for your team, increases content visibility and usage
  • Track content effectiveness in terms of revenue influence and ROI
RO Innovation Platform

How can RO Content Enablement Help Your Team?

Content lives at the center of the conversation with prospects. Whether it is sent by Marketing or Sales, that content is helping move the deal to the next stage. RO Content Enablement has streamlined the process and brought it to a central place, which creates greater alignment of your teams, allows better decisions to be made and increases efficiencies of sellers


VP Marketing

  • Justify and prove ROI on content marketing spend
  • Increased intelligence on content effectiveness for smarter budget decisions
  • Protect branding and maintain messaging consistency

Content Marketing Team

  • Prove effectiveness of content & campaigns via revenue influence
  • Determine what content is most effective at driving revenue
  • Aggregate content management systems
  • Manage content requests by data-driven decisions

Sales Team

  • Decrease time spent searching for collateral, spend more time selling
  • Find the most relevant content faster
  • Greater intelligence on prospect engagement to move deals faster

NOW Is the Time to Use RO Content Enablement

  • B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24% faster three-year revenue growth, and 27% faster three-year profit growth   [SiriusDecisions]
  • 45% of B2B marketing budgets are devoted to content marketing, 84% of marketers expect their content marketing spend to INCREASE in the next 5 years…YET…67% of marketers cannot articulate a concrete business impact from their content marketing efforts. (CEB, 2016)
  • Less than 50% of marketers have metrics that tie their content to impact on conversion rates and sales (Content Marketing Institute, 2016)
  • IDC reports reps spend 36% of their work week (14.5 hours) alone just looking for the right content to send to their opportunity, tailoring presentations and searching for relevant customer information (like customer references).


“Taking the ‘guess work’ out of what to send, and when, by leveraging tribal knowledge is a HUGE WIN for ramping up new sales reps.”

Howard Tarnoff

VP Customer Success, Ceridian

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