Activate Your Best Customer Assets

Expand the way you capture and leverage positive customer advocacy in sales and marketing cycles and access even more value from your customer base. RO Innovation’s integrations with a variety of customer advocacy and popular technology platforms give you the flexibility you want while centralizing the assets you need.

Influitive Integration

Find new references from your existing customer advocate pool and let them start talking to the right prospects. Used together, Influitive and RO Innovation offer an end-to-end solution to:

  • Discover, engage and mobilize NEW customer references
  • Align customer references with the right sales opportunities based on products, region, usage and more
  • Provide recognition, perks and rewards for customer reference participation

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Gainsight Integration

The RO Innovation-Gainsight integration has a custom object linking customer success and customer advocacy efforts in key ways to drive value. With the integration you can:

  • View and track references in Gainsight
  • Create a Scorecard Measure for advocacy
  • Update Health Scores based on advocacy impact
  • Send automated messages of appreciation
  • Initiate CTAs to coordinate references cross-functionally

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TechValidate Integration

Have a greater impact on prospect engagement with centralized voice of the customer content. The direct connection between TechValidate’s content generation application and RO Innovation’s platform enables companies to:

  • Quickly optimize the production of new customer advocate collateral like case studies, quotes, aggregate statistical evidence and customer reference nominations
  • Make assets immediately available for use in sales and marketing activities
  • Leverage a centralized, searchable system of record for increased visibility and real-time access

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Jive Integration

Start with Jive’s powerful collaboration software. Add in RO Innovation’s sales enablement and customer reference management capabilities. Combine them seamlessly to get comprehensive collaboration with enterprise-class voice of the customer content sharing.

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Box Integration

With RO Innovation’s integration for Box you can centralize content across applications and increase the efficiency of your team. RO simply “points to” existing assets in Box and brings them front-and-center with your sales and marketing teams in one centralized spot to increase asset usage and track effectiveness of content in impacting closed business.

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Integration with Other Technology Platforms

Our integration capabilities don’t stop at the list above. Because of our API and configurability, chances are we can integrate with any technology platform uses in their day-to-day workflows. Contact our team to learn more