Do More with Marketo + RO Innovation

As B2B marketers create larger volumes of content for lead gen, nurture campaigns, and sales enablement efforts, ythe right tools are needed to track ROI and create accurate reports that tie to revenue impact. The RO Innovation integration with Marketo helps you determine:

  • Which assets are being used by sales
  • Which assets are effective at closing deals
  • What the ROI of customer marketing is
  • Where future content budget should be spent


Marketo Integration Infographic

Maintain greater visibility on the lead-to-revenue story

  • Receive insights on what happens to leads after Sales handoff
  • Compare success of sales-driven content campaigns to marketing-driven content campaigns

Determine content efficacy for smarter spend decisions

  • Track which marketing assets are ACTUALLY used by Sales
  • Track which marketing assets ACTUALLY lead to revenue
  • Greater visibility on content usage data makes it easier to determine what assets to produce and where to spend budget

Increase operational efficiency

  • Generate reports from one central place
  • Increase visibility on important marketing-related data from one platform


We encourage you to schedule a demo with a member of our team to understand the full capabilities.