Differentiate Your Channel Partner Experience for Better Results

Your channel partners are juggling multiple vendors and trying to keep frequently changing product offerings and prospect messaging straight. Today’s successful channel programs require effective, consistent communication with your partners, ways to break through the clutter, and the ability to get them the right assets at the right time.

Introducing RO Partner Enablement

RO Partner Enablement™ is a best-in-class channel sales enablement solution that helps you stay relevant and valuable to your channel partners by providing them with a better content experience.

  • Partner Branded Portals – Provide channel reps with a single, branded, secure location for all your sales and marketing content, customer testimonials and customer references, and microsite presentations so they can access what they need, when they need it.
  • Differentiate Your Offering – Create and deliver engaging voice of the customer content that stands out from the pack, motivating channel reps to successfully market and sell your products
  • Increase Effectiveness of Channel Reps – Enables partners to easily access and send the right sales and marketing content saving them valuable time, while real-time tracking data helps them prioritize leads and create more informed conversations with prospects.
  • Optimize Channel Strategies & Nurture Relationships – Receive greater intelligence on what assets are being used, by who and when. This invaluable understanding within your channel program can help you better refine content creation strategies and flag “at risk” partner relationships.
  • Greater Version Control – Ensure any changes and updates made to collateral are instantly reflected in the content your channel sales reps use, and eliminate usage of outdated materials.
  • Flexibility for Your Partners – Give partners the power to personalize their presentations with tailored messaging on microsites that appeals to their own audiences – without affecting the consistency and accuracy of your core message.

How Can RO Partner Enablement Help Your Team?

 Channel Sales Director

  • Differentiate your message and experience for channel partners to drive more sales.
  • Stay relevant and valuable to your channel partners so they sell more of YOU
  • Give channel sales partners easy-to-use branded portals of your content that plugs right into their existing workflows
  • Have data/analytics to determine who might be “at risk” from low engagement


VP of Marketing

  • Know what content is working/not working in the field, and make smarter spend decisions
  • Prove ROI/revenue impact of produced marketing content collateral
  • Maintain greater control over your brand and messages
  • Have better data/analytics on what content assets work best with channel sales partners to drive revenue

VP of Sales

  • Create larger channel sales revenue streams through better channel sales partner experience

NOW Is the Time to Use RO Partner Enablement

  • Companies that have invested in a robust customer reference program appear to sell value and differentiation 3-5 times better than others. This is one of the strongest sales & marketing effectiveness correlations we saw in our study. (CSO Insights)
  • There is a 50% greater conversion rate when advocacy is integrated into the sales process. (Mainstay Partners)
  • Companies with aligned sales and marketing generate 208% more revenue from marketing. (Marketing Profs)
  • Effective customer evidence can reduce the sales cycle by 17-30%. (Mainstay Partners)

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