“I’ve managed customer reference programs for 12 years in Excel spreadsheets. I’m LOVING RO Reference Enablement!”

Liz Pedro

Director of Customer Advocacy, Five9

Enable Your Customer References to Drive Results

RO Reference Enablement™ is the world’s leading customer reference management software that helps you efficiently manage, protect and leverage the voice of the customer in your sales and marketing strategies to impact revenue in a buyer-preferred, trusted format.

  • Get off your spreadsheet and increase reference request efficiencies while driving more relevant customer matches
  • Provide self-search access across your key teams to a centralized, searchable library of customer references and related customer content (like case studies)
  • Scale your program with ease and get faster user adoption
  • Prevent customer reference burnout
  • Track & report revenue impacted by customer references

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How can RO Reference Enablement Software Help Your Team?

The reality is no one department “owns” the customer relationship. It is fostered and shared by multiple stakeholders, and used in different ways to help achieve goals. RO Reference Enablement serves as a bridge between key departments in your company to help everyone achieve greater levels of success, faster!

Customer Reference & Advocacy Management Team

  • Automate administrative tasks and workflows for reference requests, nominations, rewards, and more!
  • Optimize and grow your reference program
  • Leverage a centralized reference system that’s scalable and highly adopted by sales
  • Secure greater buy-in to the reference program
  • Prove ROI of your program and revenue influenced by reference activities
  • Focus more time on building/growing customer relationships
  • Increase your bandwidth

Customer Success Team

  • Have health index scores pulled into centralized customer intelligence records
  • Mine & leverage customer stories to help with upsell/cross sell, new business
  • Increase effectiveness through integrations with existing customer success/customer engagement platforms
  • Help decrease attrition by driving customer advocates/customer references, help grow programs

Sales Team

  • Close more deals, faster by being able to leverage P2P (peer to peer) selling more efficiently and effectively in your opportunity cycles
  • Increased ability for self-search for customer references and content that will help move opportunities forward

Marketing Team

  • Leverage more referenceable customers in content and marketing activities
  • House customer marketing assets in a central, highly searchable system
  • Track customer marketing’s impact on revenue

NOW Is the Time to Use RO Reference Enablement

  • 62% of B2B customer marketers say customer references are the top activity in their programs (Koyne Marketing)
  • 49% of B2B buyers rate “Peers and Colleagues” as a top source impacting purchasing decisions, up from just 20% a year ago! (DemandGen)
  • CXO’s make purchasing decisions 25% faster with a good reference. (IDC Research)
  • 46% of B2B buyers rely on customer references to make purchase decisions. (Hubspot)

“Being able to measure customer marketing’s impact on revenue is how RO Innovation is making a HUGE impact on our department, and really, our overall organization.”

 – Becky Leung, Customer Marketing Manager, Jive Software

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