“RO Innovation’s Sales Enablement technology is wonderful! Our sales force loves that it’s so easy to use and that it takes barely any training at all for them to be up and running with it. We especially love the Spotlight functionality. The ability for our sales teams to have the right customer references and marketing assets immediately at their fingertips and be able to send and track engagement with those materials is key for moving deals forward.”

Nicole Jones

Senior Program Manager, Customer Reference Team, Dell EMC

Differentiate Your Message & Drive Revenue Faster

There is a movement on the horizon. Buyers are skeptical of vendor messages, are overwhelmed by content and frustrated by slow-moving internal buying committees. Today’s successful companies are changing the way they sell to overcome the new B2B purchase process, and increasingly are leveraging the happy voices of their customers to drive revenue through P2P selling.

RO Sales Enablement™ elevates your peer-to-peer selling efforts. Our platform allows your Sales team to leverage customer references and customer proof materials simultaneously with the most relevant sales and marketing assets for each stage of the sales opportunity.

  • Build buyer trust faster
  • Differentiate your value and add significance during the buying process
  • Win business faster with the right content and customer advocacy
  • Provide data, analytics and reporting on revenue influenced by customers and content
  • Integrate with existing sales processes and technology stack
  • Keep your team efficient with mobile solutions and apps for smart devices

“Everything is quicker, faster, within policy, within our governance guidelines. It’s great. We’re getting positive feedback on many levels from our sellers.”

Barbara Thomas

Global Customer Advocacy Reference Team Leader, Microsoft

Not only do you close that deal with the right person; you’ve given the salesperson maybe 20% of their time back. What’s an increase in 20% of a salesperson’s time worth to the organization?

Carlos Gonzalez

VP Customer Success Operations, Ceridian

How can RO Sales Enablement Help Your Team?

RO’s platform sits as the critical hub between the customer advocacy, sales, and marketing technology stacks, serving as the critical link between customer advocates, the buyer’s journey and sales engagement with prospects. No other system in the world integrates sales and marketing workflows, customer intelligence, and relevant content and puts it in the hands of sellers at the right time and right stage of the buyer’s cycle – all while giving you the data and analytics to prove real-time effectiveness of content and attribute new revenue driven by customer advocacy.

VP Sales

  • Close more deals, faster
  • Ramp up new reps faster
  • Return time back to reps for actual selling
  • Get more reps beating quota
  • Better coach frontline managers
  • Scale tribal knowledge of top sellers

VP Marketing

  • Prove ROI effectiveness of content & campaigns via revenue influence
  • Maintain greater visibility on content usage and lead viability all the way to close
  • Maintain branding and messaging consistency
  • Increase usage and prove return on customer marketing initiatives

Sales Operations

  • Drive greater adoption of CRM
  • Reduce admin time and streamline sales technology stack
  • Provide sellers with the right content on the right opportunity at the right time to sell more effectively
  • Integrate RO Innovation with other sales tools, maintain a small footprint

Customer Marketing

  • Elevate your role as a key contributor of revenue growth
  • Optimize & grow your customer reference program
  • Track ROI and revenue influence of customer marketing efforts
  • Activate and leverage the voice of the customer in every sales and marketing cycle

“For last 25 years, we have been training and coaching world-class sales teams how to negotiate and close deals. Foundational to our training is lowering risk or the perceived risk of the buyer.  There is no better way to do this than providing live access to a customer reference. It is a great differentiator that separates you from your competition, elevates you in the eyes of your customer and results in higher win rates, price premiums and better long term relationships”

Ron Hubsher

CEO, Sales Optimization Group

NOW Is the Time to Use RO Sales Enablement

  • “Companies that have invested in a robust customer reference program appear to sell value and differentiation 3-5 times better than others. This is one of the strongest sales & marketing effectiveness correlations we saw in our study.” – Jim Dickie, CSO Insights
  • There is a 50% greater conversion rate when advocacy is integrated into the sales process. (Mainstay Partners)
  • Companies with aligned sales and marketing generate 208% more revenue from marketing (Marketing Profs)
  • Effective customer evidence can reduce the sales cycle by 17-30% (Mainstay Partners)
  • Trust created by B2B relationships is 20x more powerful than social networks (Demandbase)
  • It takes almost $30,000 and 7 months to recruit and train a new sales rep. (Aberdeen)
  • The average B2B buying committee now consists of 6.8 people (CEB)
  • When sales and marketing teams are in sync, companies became 67% better at closing deals   [Source: Marketo]

“RO Innovation is the global Sales Enablement platform for Misys. With its link to Marketo, it’s the holy grail of B2B marketing: automated Account Based Marketing on the fly by sales. Really cool!”

Chris Adlard

Global Customer Advocacy Manager, Misys

See How RO Sales Enablement Can Enable Your Team to Drive More Revenue

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