Happy customers on vacation

We are in the midst of the lazy days of summer. Did you know, fifty percent of all Americans take a vacation in July and 1 in 3 folks take vacation in August?

As folks wrap up their vacations and enjoy their final weeks of summer, the reminder that cooler weather, school football games and the end of the year stress of hitting those sales and marketing numbers are all creeping closer.

Besides the obvious thoughts of, “summer is over” and “time to send the kids off to school,” what’s on the minds of today’s sales and marketing leaders as Labor Day rolls around?  It clearly varies by one’s role in an organization, but in my decades of experience working with these folks, there tends to be general themes that apply across almost all organizations.


Infographic: What's on the minds of Sales & Marketing Leaders in Q3?

While the mercury on the thermometer this summer may have been high, revenue performance at many companies wasn’t so hot. Unfortunately, the S&P 500’s revenue growth rate for the first half of 2016 was a negative 2%.  Which means unless you’re lucky enough to work at a firm that has fared far more successful than the S&P companies, regardless of role, as Q3 draws to a close you’re probably feeling the pressure on performance mounting.   You’ve been tasked with growth, but cutting costs may be this year’s reality instead.

But no one wants to see budget in their department get cut, so what do you do?

Regardless of role, the best single answer is to focus on your happy customers.  You need to better understand:

  • Who they are?
  • Why they bought from you?
  • How are you impacting their success?

Once you have solid answers to these three questions, each of the 6 roles above can better execute on the top questions on their mind.

Best practices research firm, CSO Insights, has been surveying top performing companies for years.  Their surveys are designed to identify what separates top performing companies from everyone else.  Their data suggests this “customer centric alignment” backed by process and technology is perhaps the single greatest indicator of world class performing organizations.

That said, do you have a customer centric mindset driving strategies? Have you invested in building the right customer intelligence, processes and technology?

For 12 years, RO Innovation has been in the business of leveraging the Voice of the Customer to drive revenue growth. We’d love to help you!

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Ian Levine
Chief Sales Officer at RO Innovation
Ian Levine is the Chief Sales Officer at RO Innovation. Ian has a depth of experience building go-to-market strategies and has purchased and implemented CRM and other sales & marketing technology while leading sales and marketing for Fortune 500 and mid-market firms.