As Marketers, we are always coming up with new and creative ways to position our organization, brand or products/services.  We continually tweak our value prop messages and push the boundaries of our corporate branding in attempts to grab buyers’ attention.  We play the game of seeing how far outside the lines we can really color without damaging the brand we’ve worked to build.

Why do Marketers constantly push the boundaries, especially in a time when buyers are changing the rules they want Marketers to play by?  Because we love the challenge.  Marketers apparently get our kicks figuring out how to get our ideal customer profile to understand our brand, consider our solutions and eventually buy something…again and again until they love it so much they shout the brand’s praises to everyone they meet.  

EASY, right?

2017 Top Marketing Tool

No. It’s not that easy, or everyone would be a Marketer.

It’s hard work to position your brand and solutions day-in and day-out and hope someone is listening.  Your ideal customers are bombarded with tons of other noise from marketers just like you. With so much other distraction happening, they’re not always listening.  Let alone, considering you as a possible solution. The challenge of it all doesn’t always feel so good.

What does feel good, no matter what’s happening with the attention level of your buyers? When leaders in the industry are listening.  It’s AMAZING when a credible 3rd party association like Smart Selling Tools comes out with their Top Marketing Tools for 2017 guide and your company makes the list. 

Top Marketing Tool

As Marketers, we talk a great deal about how we have the winning solution.  It’s incredible when you get someone else to recognize that. Someone who gives you some accolades…especial when you are being compared to your competitors in the market.   THAT feels good, and is easy to promote and get behind.  What a sensational marketing tool.  Probably the best marketing tool, right behind having your customers talk about you as a reference. 

Promoting what others are saying about you is fun.  All of that hard work positioning yourself to the open market pays off when you get that type of honor being recognized as one of the best solutions in your industry.  You don’t have to get too creative with that message.  It doesn’t take a lot of convincing either, because it’s there in black and white.  Take that gift and make sure you yell from the mountain tops so everyone can hear you.

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Brian Vail
Brian Vail is the VP of Marketing at RO Innovation. With over two decades of experience managing global marketing teams, he has a passion for leveraging the Voice of the Customer to drive results for the marketing initiatives he oversees.