The days are passed in which the sales team can operate without immersion in customer interaction. With developments in technology and the level playing field created by the Internet, the customer has a more powerful voice than ever before. Outlets like social media, YouTube reviews, and sounding boards have allowed the customer to reach out to others interested in your organization. In certain terms, your customers opinions that they share in public domain can make or break your firm.

The concept of activating and leveraging the voice of the customer is not a new one; however, the medium to which customer collateral is harnessed and used has changed. The power of the customer reference has always been considered marketing gold – one satisfied customer’s opinion voiced in the market can generate ten more valuable leads or sway prospects’ opinions to choose you over the other guy.

Finding new way to capture positive customer advocacy has become a forefront concern of marketing and sales teams — from 10 to 1,000 person organizations. Choosing a best-in-class customer reference technology system is imperative to the success of today’s marketing strategies. Not only is it a vehicle for storing customer collateral, it becomes a tool for managing and activating it in sales and marketing processes. In an effort to effectively impact your client’s sales experience, RO Innovation has developed a comprehensive cloud-based system which puts the power of the customer journey at your sales team’s fingertips.

This fully mobile system can be used anywhere your sales team is located, be it in the field, at the office, at home, or at trade shows. The system allows the team to store, analyze, and track prospect engagement with customer-related content. The system leverages best practices to even be able to recommend when and what customer assets should be used based on the rep’s sales opportunity. Now, customer testimonials can be quickly and easily found and used how and when the sales team needs, whether in a meeting or via social media.

For more information on how voice-of-the-customer based software can help your firm develop and cultivate solid sales opportunities, we invite you to contact us. Don’t wait, unlock the full potential of your sales team today.

Nichole Auston
Customer Marketing Director at RO Innovation
Nichole Auston is the Customer Marketing Director at RO Innovation. With a background in digital marketing and nearly a decade of experience managing marketing programs for a variety of SaaS companies, she’s passionate about sharing insights, best practices and stories about sales enablement and customer reference management, and the people and technology that power it.